June 16, 2023

Welcome to the LandUse Learning Center

Welcome to the LandUse Learning Center

Since 2023

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Welcome to the LandUse Learning Center The LandUse Learning Center (LLC) is a demonstration garden that exhibits sustainable practices for the three main land uses of southern California: native habitats, urban areas, and agriculture. The LLC is an educational tool for empowering southern Californians to practice natural resource stewardship at home, at work, and in the community.

The three garden areas demonstrate ways that land management practices, wise land use planning, and retrofits can be used to create urban and agro-ecosystems that function more like healthy natural ecosystems. LandUse Learning Center

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About Riverside-Corona Resource Conservation District

The Riverside-Corona Resource Conservation District (RCRCD) is a local government agency that helps conserve the natural resources (soil, water, plants, and wildlife) of areas within western Riverside and San Bernardino Counties in southern California. The District provides technical advice to land users, educational programs for the community and conducts on-the-land conservation projects.


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