May 15, 2020

Hickory Grove Lake

Hickory Grove Lake

Since 2020

In Iowa, US


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Every manmade lake has a lifespan. Deteriorating water quality beginning in the early 2000s indicated a need for a watershed-wide approach to restoring the nearly 100-acre lake built in the 1960s. Issues included unpermitted septic systems, nutrient and sediment pollution, erosion, bacteria, and a large population of common carp. It took many partners and many years to develop and execute the lake restoration plan. We’re now in the final stages of the restoration, which centers on in-lake work. Your photos will document the return of Story County’s flagship park!

About Story County Conservation

Story County Conservation manages more than 3,100 acres of parks and natural areas, including lakes, campgrounds, and trails, and an additional 5,500 acres of roadside habitat through our Integrated Roadside Vegetation Management program. The environmental education staff serves Story County schools and the public with interpretive and informational programs for all ages. Story County Conservation's volunteer program provides volunteer opportunities to individuals and groups interested in making a difference in local natural resources.


Coordinates: 41.991, -93.361

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