September 18, 2022

Hemlock Graveyard Regeneration

Hemlock Graveyard Regeneration

Friends of Seward Park
Active since 2022
Washington, US

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Dramatic decline and death of Western Hemlocks of all ages is concentrated in the north-central acres of Seward Park's old-growth forest.  In the survey map below, only some selected trees are shown.  The top cluster is where the chronolog post is located. 

With loss of canopy, sunlight strikes the ground, and this central region is regenerating unassisted.   We will track this over time.

Final report from the summer 2021 survey. 



About Friends of Seward Park

We are volunteers working to preserve and enhance Seward Park, on behalf of all of the park’s visitors, the old-growth forest, and many species of wildlife.


Coordinates: 47.559748, -122.252134

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