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The Global Change Research Wetland (GCREW)  is dedicated to unraveling the complex ecological processes that confer stability on coastal marshes as they respond to global environmental change. The weir at the end of the GCREW boardwalk opens up to the Rhode River and is home to several long-term experiments and water quality monitoring instruments. Photos at this station can help track seasonal vegetation changes and shoreline changes.

About Smithsonian Environmental Research Center

The Smithsonian Environmental Research Center (SERC) provides science-based knowledge to meet the environmental challenges of the 21st century. SERC leads research on coastal ecosystems—where the land meets the sea—to inform real-world decisions for wise policies, best business practices, and a sustainable planet.

We couldn't fulfill our mission without a dedicated crew of volunteers. Some of our researchers rely on volunteers who actively help out with research projects in the field or in the lab. Volunteers at SERC work with researchers to investigate a wide range of topics including environmental archaeology, forest biodiversity, invasive species distributions, and water quality issues. They become partners in discovery, finding answers to new questions, and getting an inside look at science in the real world. In return, the scientists are able to gather information on a much larger scale than would be possible on their own.

By taking photos, you are also helping with science! These photos will help us learn more about the life cycle of plants, and to keep track of what species of plants are present at SERC.


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