April 18, 2019

Featured photo of Snake Lake North

Snake Lake North

Metro Parks Tacoma
Active since 2019
Washington, US

Log Description

Snake Lake is a natural wetland that is experiencing the process of succession from an open lake to a thickly vegetated marsh. Each year the plants take over a little more of the open water area. The images here will help document that process. Development of the surrounding area with the resulting decrease of water flow coupled with an increase of sediments washing into the march have sped up the natural succession considerably. Both evergreen and deciduous trees surround the wetland with the majority of the woody plants growing in the lake being Willow and Spirea. Additionally, Water Lilies and Duckweed annually fill in a good portion of the water areas of the marsh. The view from this bridge is looking South and slightly East over an area that has a fair amount of seasonal wildlife activity including ducks, turtles, and herons.

About Metro Parks Tacoma

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Coordinates: 47.238894, -122.492482