March 31, 2021

Kingsley Plantation Dock

Kingsley Plantation Dock

Since 2021

In Florida, US


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Welcome to Kingsley Plantation and Timucuan Ecological and Historic Preserve! This dock offers views of the Fort George River, surrounding salt marshes, and important historic resources that the National Park Service works to preserve and protect. The plantation house that sits just behind the seawall is the oldest standing plantation house in the state of Florida, and is a testament to the skill of the enslaved people who built it. The house, shoreline, and seawall are threatened by erosion caused by strong, frequent tides and wave action from boats. With your help, this time lapse will provide us with important information about how the shoreline is changing over time. There are several sandbars in the distance that are visible at low tide that may shift, and this time lapse will also serve to help monitor these changes. For more information about the 46,000 acres that make up Timucuan Preserve, please visit www.nps.gov/timu

About Timucuan Ecological and Historic Preserve

Timucuan Ecological and Historic Preserve is a 46,000 acre National Park Service site in Jacksonville, Florida that is part of the largest urban park system in the United States. Cultural and natural resources have a shared history of over 6,000 years in this area, and the National Park Service works to protect and preserve these resources. At Timucuan Preserve, you can discover vast expanses of unspoiled wetlands, the story of the lives of enslaved people on Kingsley Plantation, the history of the Timucua-speaking people that inhabited this land hundreds of years ago, a memorial to French Huguenots that sought religious freedom and wealth, as well as recreational opportunities like kayaking and wildlife viewing.


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