May 13, 2020

Raptor Ridge - Habitat Restoration Area

Raptor Ridge - Habitat Restoration Area

Since 2020

In Idaho, US


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This 12 acre stretch along the trail to the stone amphitheater is known as Badger Flats and is part of the 580 acre campus of The World Center for Birds of Prey. Situated on a hill south of Boise, Idaho, this historic sagebrush steppe has been ravaged by fires fueled by invasive annual plants. Restoration efforts across the campus include planting and maintaining native grasses, shrubs, and forbes while removing invasive plants that out compete and increase the future risk of large scale fires. Following NFPA's Firewise USA guidelines helps protect both native species, visitors, and our breeding facilities for critically endangered birds of prey. Visit this scenic ridge to see samples of Idaho's rich soil crust, a variety of native birds, and flowering bushes and forbes. Upload your photo, take a hike, and come back online to watch the beautiful seasonal changes of this developing habitat as we welcome a variety of wildlife joining the active population of local raptors, Piute Ground Squirrels, and American Badgers.

About The Peregrine Fund's World Center for Birds of Prey

The Peregrine Fund is an international nonprofit that's mission is to conserve raptor populations through conducting scientific research, increasing local capacity to manage their natural resources, and monitor and captive breed endangered species for release into the wild. Our headquarters in Boise, Idaho is known as The World Center for Birds of Prey and is open to visitors who want to learn more about our global conservation efforts and to get nose to beak with planet earths most fascinating birds. Visit our website to learn how to engage with our international projects, learn with our biologists, and meet our adorably ferocious avian ambassadors.


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