November 17, 2020

Featured photo of Mission Creek Restoration Overlook

Mission Creek Restoration Overlook

Natural Resources Research Institute University of Minnesota
Active since 2020
Minnesota, US

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Help researchers and land managers monitor the progress of habitat revitalization following a stream restoration project. Mission Creek is located in Fond du Lac neighborhood of western Duluth, Minnesota. This trout stream runs along Mission Parkway and the Superior Hiking Trail, and empties into the St. Louis River just downstream of Chambers Grove Park. During the June 2012 Flood, Mission Creek was severely damaged. The creek created a new channel, caused a lot of erosion and flooded parts of the neighborhood. In 2019, South Saint Louis Soil and Water Conservation District realigned the stream, created fish habitat, revegetated the stream corridor and stabilized the stream bank to reduce erosion. The restoration project was made possible by a grant provided by the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources, through the Lessard Sams Outdoor Heritage Fund – part of the Clean Water Land and Legacy Amendment.

About Natural Resources Research Institute University of Minnesota

The Natural Resources Research Institute (NRRI) is an applied research facility of the University of Minnesota, located in Duluth, Minnesota. A group of researchers focused on natural resources and watersheds are committed to incorporating community science programs into their studies. The establishment of two Chronolog stations in Duluth was funded by the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency.


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