November 18, 2020

Featured photo of Hartley Pond

Hartley Pond

Natural Resources Research Institute University of Minnesota
Active since 2020
Minnesota, US

Log Description

The iconic Hartley Pond located in Hartley Park in Duluth, Minnesota. Hartley Pond is a result of a dam along Tischer Creek, a cold-water trout stream which flows to Lake Superior. Hartley Pond is a popular recreation spot, and hosts many waterfowl visitors throughout the year. Hartley Pond is also host to another community science program - CrowdHydrology (the giant ruler you see in the photos). CrowdHydrology allows visitors to text in the water height, helping scientists keep track of stream and lake levels, and monitor for flooding risks. By sending in a photo of Hartley Pond, scientists are able to visually monitor pond water levels as well as track changes in phenology (the change in seasons aka the date the pond freezes over or when the trees drop their leaves). Maybe you will also be fortunate enough to capture wildlife in or around the pond!

About Natural Resources Research Institute University of Minnesota

The Natural Resources Research Institute (NRRI) is an applied research facility of the University of Minnesota, located in Duluth, Minnesota. A group of researchers focused on natural resources and watersheds are committed to incorporating community science programs into their studies. The establishment of two Chronolog stations in Duluth was funded by the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency.


Coordinates: 46.83785, -92.08625