December 8, 2023

Lake Smith Lake Lawson Natural Area

Lake Smith Lake Lawson Natural Area

Since 2023

In Virginia, US


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The Lake Lawson/Lake Smith Natural Area is a 42-acre preserve with more than 12,000 feet of shoreline. The bordering acres of the property have a significant amount of non-native invasive species encroaching on the natural area. Within the center of the property, there are multiple groves of Kalmia latifolia L. (mountain laurel) which is a native flowering shrub that boast beautiful, large, pink, and white clusters of flowers from late spring through early summer. These photos are documenting the encroaching invasive species, primarily English Ivy and Japanese Honeysuckle, and the control methods Parks & Recreation are using to mitigate their impact and spread.

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Virginia Beach Parks & Recreation manages nearly 300 parks and over 7,000 acres of land in Virginia Beach.

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