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From the top of this hill we can observe the marsh moat around Volo Bog as well as the tall shrub zone and the tamarack zone of the bog itself. Watch as the tamaracks turn golden around Halloween, drop their needles in November, then get covered in snow for the winter. Spring will green them up again and they will wear the verdant cloak of green through summer until they turn golden again in the fall. When the leaves are off the trees, a landfill can be seen as the backdrop of this Illinois Nature Preserve and National Natural Landmark. 

About IDNR & Friends at Moraine Hills State Park, McHenry Dam and Volo Bog State Natural Area

IDNR in northeastern Illinois is lucky to have sites supported by Friends groups - Friends of Moraine Hills State Park and Friends of Volo Bog. Both are 501(c)(3) membership organizations.

The purpose of both Friends groups is to promote citizen awareness of the local natural heritage of the sites and to help care for and preserve them through supporting special events, volunteer opportunities, scholarships, educational and training programs.

Visit our Friends at: 

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