May 19, 2020

Community Boathouse Dock

Community Boathouse Dock

Since 2020

In Kentucky, US


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The dock provides small boat access to the Ohio River and is a trail head for the Ohio River Recreation Trail (mile 602.3). Just downriver from the Beargrass Creek confluence, the boathouse dock reveals a view of historic Towhead Island and the bridges of metro Louisville, all impacted by the manipulation of water levels. This photo station helps document the seasonal changes of the floodplain forest island and the impact of changing water levels of the Ohio River on the shoreline. There will be changes in water quality, the amount of floating algae, types of flotsam and the presence of wildlife. Different recreational users and their crafts on the river will also be captured.

About The Beargrass Creek Tributary

Waterfront Botanical Gardens, this duo of Chronolog stations aims to engage citizens in the ephemeral beauty, vegetation, animal life and waters of Jefferson County's Beargrass Creek and the Ohio River upstream of downtown Louisville, Kentucky.


Coordinates: 38.26462, -85.731

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