May 19, 2020

Featured photo of Old River Road Bridge

Old River Road Bridge

The Beargrass Creek Tributary
Active since 2020
Kentucky, US

Log Description

The Old River Road bridge -- constructed in 1930 over the Beargrass Cut Off -- was decommissioned in 2013 and is now a walking bridge part of the 105-mile Louisville Loop. This station overlooks the confluence of present-day Beargrass Creek and the Ohio River (river mile 602). Please help us document the changes in the confluence area at this photo station. Said to the most biodiverse avian area in all of Kentucky, this station will reveal sediment deposition, the effects of reversible current on the riparian area and the area's bird life.

About The Beargrass Creek Tributary

Waterfront Botanical Gardens, this duo of Chronolog stations aims to engage citizens in the ephemeral beauty, vegetation, animal life and waters of Jefferson County's Beargrass Creek and the Ohio River upstream of downtown Louisville, Kentucky.


Coordinates: 38.26648789, -85.72142706