September 30, 2020

Waterfront Botanical Gardens

Waterfront Botanical Gardens

The Beargrass Creek Tributary
Active since 2020
Kentucky, US

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The eastern border of Waterfront Botanical Gardens abuts the Butchertown Greenway (a spoke of the 100-mile Louisville Loop). The Gardens rises about 30 feet higher in elevation because it is built on the former Ohio Street dump, which was capped with soil and sat vacant since 1981. The Greenway path runs parallel to the present-day course of Beargrass Creek (historically known as “the Beargrass Cut Off”). This station looks south/upstream on the Creek toward the double I-71 overpass bridges. Please help us document the seasonal woodland phenology as well as any creek flooding that may swell upward from the overpass on the Greenway.

About The Beargrass Creek Tributary

Waterfront Botanical Gardens, this duo of Chronolog stations aims to engage citizens in the ephemeral beauty, vegetation, animal life and waters of Jefferson County's Beargrass Creek and the Ohio River upstream of downtown Louisville, Kentucky.


Coordinates: 38.263526, -85.719410

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