December 18, 2022

Upland Trail Restoration

Upland Trail Restoration

Since 2022

In Louisiana, US


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This log is located in the southeastern portion of the Woodlands Preserve along the Upland Trail. It is located in an area where monthly bird banding occurs. This area of the property was significantly impacted by Hurricane activity over the years and most recently by Hurricane Zeda in 2020 and Ida in 2021. Many large trees fell during those storms and opened the canopy for increased proliferation of Chinese tallow, Chinese privet and Japanese privet. This arrea has been actively teated with selective herbicides to target these invaders. Although the larger trees have been successully killed, we continue to battle the invaders that emerge from the seedbank.

About Woodlands Conservancy


Woodlands Conservancy was organized as a nonprofit land trust in 2001 to preserve and restore remaining forested wetlands and other ecologically or historically significant lands in Louisiana. We currently own 840-acres of forested wetlands in the Greater New Orleans area. 

The properties managed by Woodlands Conservancy comprise one of the two remaining forested wetland fragments south of Lake Pontchartrain that provide habitat for 17 bird species of Conservation Concern according to Louisiana’s comprehensive wildlife conservation strategy, the Wildlife Action Plan, and 9 species of Continental Importance according to Partners in Flight.  

Woodlands Conservancy has been conducting data-based ecosystem restoration work for the past thirteen years, incorporating community volunteers in activities to reforest with over 33,000 seedlings and trees to improve the habitat for wildlife and migratory birds. The Woodlands Conservancy Bird Observatory tracks the health and status of resident and migratory bird populations in restored and un-restored sections of the forests and contributes to the national bird population data base.   


Coordinates: 29.89469, -89.97053

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