July 1, 2023

Pinchot - Cabin 9 Field to Wetland Project

Pinchot - Cabin 9 Field to Wetland Project

Since 2023

In Pennsylvania, US


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This photo station is located at  the site of a proposed future wetland restoration. Notice the shallow ditch that traverses the field, running parallel to the cabin access road. Many years ago this ditch was installed to help to drain water out of the field. In recent decades the field has been maintained as a grassy lawn with frequent mowing. Two wetlands at the edge of this field (to the left in these photos) were previously restored in August of 2016 and are doing very well. This field can be restored to a wetland and wet meadow that will provide many benefits to local wildlife and the nearby lake. The adjacent forest will also be managed to remove the dense invasive shrubs in the understory and to improve the health of the remaining trees. 

Photos submitted to Chronolog will help us document the current conditions of this field and forest, and the steps along the way as the site transitions from mowed lawn to lush wet meadow.  Learn more about seasonal wetlands at Vernal Pools of Pennsylvania , and learn more about wetland restoration in this Vernal Pool Wetland Restoration Webinar.


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