June 13, 2023

Pinchot - Farm Pool

Pinchot - Farm Pool

Since 2023

In Pennsylvania, US


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This vernal pool was created in a low lying area next to Farm Trail. Soil was probably removed from this area decades ago when the trail or farm road was built. Prior to restoration, wood frogs would lay eggs in the pool when it held water for a few weeks in the spring. But the water would not stay long enough for the tadpoles to develop into froglets that could leave the pool before it dried. In the years since the pool was restored, the hydroperiod (duration the wetland holds water) has increased, but this is still a relatively quick-drying pool. 

Photos submitted to Chronolog will help us document if this restored wetland is holding water long enough most years for aquatic tadpoles to grow into terrestrial froglets with legs and lungs that can leave the pool before it dries. Learn more about seasonal wetlands at Vernal Pools of Pennsylvania , and learn more about wetland restoration in this Vernal Pool Wetland Restoration Webinar.


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