June 23, 2023

Kings Gap - Forest Pool 6

Kings Gap - Forest Pool 6

Since 2023

In Pennsylvania, US


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This pool was not altered as part of the 2010 restoration project. This is a quick drying vernal pool, usually drying sometime in June. Some years it holds water long enough for the local frogs and salamanders to use it for breeding and development of their young, some years it does not. This is not an uncommon pattern for a vernal pool.  Some vernal pool specialists like fairy and clam shrimp do especially well in quick drying pools. We decided to leave this pool alone, as we expected some of the restored pools to hold water longer. This way we would have a variety of pool types, from quick drying to long lasting. Read more about vernal pools and the special animals that use them in this poster Wild Waters of the Forest. Photos submitted to Chronolog help us document how long this natural vernal pool holds water each year, and how it is is changing with our changing climate. Learn more about seasonal wetlands at Vernal Pools of Pennsylvania, and learn more about wetland restoration in this Vernal Pool Wetland Restoration Webinar


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