June 30, 2023

Kings Gap - Pine Pool 3

Kings Gap - Pine Pool 3

Western Pennsylvania Conservancy
Active since 2023
Pennsylvania, US

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This vernal pool sits within view of Rock Scree Trail. It is the quickest drying of the cluster of pools on the east side of Kings Gap Road in the vicinity of the Pine Plantation. It was not restored as part of the 2010 wetland restoration project at Kings Gap. Photos submitted to Chronolog help us document the life cycle of this pool, such as how long it holds water each year, and how it may be changing with our changing climate. Learn more about seasonal wetlands at Vernal Pools of Pennsylvania. Watch this video on Citizen Science Vernal Pool Monitoring to learn more about this project, and to see a video of the water level staff gauge being installed in this pool. 


Coordinates: 40.1014225, -77.2790564

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