April 22, 2024

York Public Library Pond

York Public Library Pond

Since 2024

In Maine, US


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The Library's pond, a picturesque addition to the library’s grounds, was constructed along with the facility in 2001 and with substantial funding from the Nathaniel Wheeler Trust. York Land Trust monitors the perimeters set forth in a conservation easement.

The installation of the pond created a beautiful park-like setting in the heart of York Village. Multiple plants, shrubs, and trees help attract pollinators. The area is also enjoyed by people of all ages, not to mention ducks, frogs, turtles, a family of little green herons, several species of birds and the occasional muskrat.

The grounds are also one piece in the Town’s stormwater management plan. The pond serves as a retention basin and accepts significant runoff from the surrounding roads and properties, helping to filter pollutants including salt and chemicals from rain and the snow storage along Long Sands Road. The pond also falls victim to invasive species, most acutely from phragmites.

Over the years, to supplement the work of professional landscape designers and groundskeepers, the Wheeler Trust, York Land Trust, Town of York, and volunteers have worked hard to maintain the pond's health – an ongoing labor of love.

About York Public Library

The mission of York Public Library is to provide free and equitable access in our commitment to connecting people, advancing learning, and promoting creativity.


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