April 1, 2019

Wildfire Area

Wildfire Area

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On March 24, 2016, Black Hill Regional Park experienced a wildfire, which was almost certainly man-made. In fact, 96% of wildfires in Maryland are caused by humans, with the remaining 4% caused by lightening strikes. The chances for wildfires peak in Spring and Fall for Maryland though they can happen any time of year. This fire was about three acres in size and, like most wildfires in Maryland, was a surface fire - meaning that the fire did not reach the canopy of the forest and stayed close to the ground.

About Black Hill Nature Center

Black Hill Visitor Center is located in Boyds, Maryland, overlooking Little Seneca Lake in Black Hill Regional Park. The center is home to the Black Hill Nature Programs. The Visitor Center hosts an information desk, restrooms, exhibits, children’s corner, auditorium, and naturalist staff offices. It is a perfect place to get more information about the park, attend a nature program, or take a break to enjoy a glorious sunset Outside surrounding the center, are natural play spaces perfect for fun exploration, native plant gardens maintained by wonderful volunteers, a pond, meadow, and a one of a kind Earth Bench.


Coordinates: 39.19040, -77.29581

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