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Hyatt Hidden Lakes

City of Boise Parks and Recreation

About this site

Hyatt Hidden Lakes Reserve is a 53-acre haven for birds, animals and people located on the edge of Boise's West Bench. Once a gravel pit, the 44-acre site consists of a central wetland, surround by a simliar acerage of upland area, making it a refuge for wildlife in anotherwise urban area. The invasive wetland plant phragmities (Phragmities australis) was first observed in 2019 around the periphery of the wetland. Unfortunately, the southern half of the site is now a monoculture of weeds.  Treatments to restore the wetland back to native species are ongoing and we look forward to monitoring the progress with photos over time. 

About City of Boise Parks and Recreation

The Boise Parks and Recreation Department's mission is to enhance Boise's quality of life by working in partnership with the community to foster and support citizen well-being and healthy community environments.

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