August 1, 2022

Confluence Natural Area

Confluence Natural Area

Since 2022

In North Carolina, US


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About this site

The Confluence Natural Area is owned and maintained by the Eno River Association. This 270 acre nature preserve sits at the beginning of the 40 mile Eno River, where two creeks confluence to create the flowing river system. The Confluence Natural Area includes various trail systems through hardwood forest, wetlands, meadows, and creeks. The Chronolog at this site overlooks an unmowed meadow of prairie plants and the edge of a hardwood forest. We are monitoring change over time throughout the seasons and changes in plant diversity for a better understanding of the habitat provided here.

About Eno River Association

The mission of the Eno River Association is to conserve and protect the natural, cultural and historic resources of the Eno River basin. The Association has protected over 7,472 acres of open space in the Eno River Basin since 1966. Most of this land is in the Eno River State Park and several other local parks and natural areas. We currently own and operate one publicly open nature preserve, the Confluence Natural Area in Hillsborough, North Carolina.

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