September 30, 2017

Featured photo of Virginia Mallow

Virginia Mallow

Kingman Island
Active since 2017
District of Columbia, US

About this site

Virginia Mallow (Sida hermaphrodita) is a rare plant in the DC region, and has an endangered status in the state of Maryland. The chronology photo data is important to follow the progress of the Virginia Mallow population on Kingman Island. Fortunately, we expect a strong recovery due to this plant's high rate of seed production and viability, along with restoration efforts led by our partners the District Department of Energy and Environment and Anacostia Watershed Society.

About Kingman Island

Kingman Island and Heritage Island are islands in Northeast and Southeast Washington, D.C., in the Anacostia River. Both islands are man-made, built from material dredged from the Anacostia River and completed in 1916.


Coordinates: 38.88755, -76.96663

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