June 13, 2022

Featured photo of Norcross Wildlife Foundation Pine Barrens display

Norcross Wildlife Foundation Pine Barrens display

Norcross Wildlife Foundation
Active since 2022
Massachusetts, US

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This area is part of a larger cryptic pine barren at Norcross Wildlife Sancuary. It is also the site of previous plantings originally done by Arthur Norcross decades ago (mainly comprised of New Jersey Pine Barren species). We are working to clear out many of the common mesophytic tree species (white pine, grey birch, and red maple) in an effort to allow the less common fire-apated species (pitch pine, scrub oak, heaths )and their assoaciated wildlife to thrive.

About Norcross Wildlife Foundation

The Norcross Wildlife Sanctuary was established in 1939 by Arthur D. Norcross. Its present area includes thousands of acres of wooded hills, ponds, and streams. It is maintained by the Norcross Wildlife Foundation, Inc. whose purpose is the conservation of wildlife and the active practice of conservation for the benefit of the public. This includes the propagation of native plants, the preservation of birds and wildlife, and the conservation of land and water.   

At the heart of the Norcross Wildlife Sanctuary is a 75-acre parcel with public walking trails. Ranging from high and dry sites, to swamps, and rich woodlands; the public area is welcoming, beautiful, and above all valuable wildlife habitat chock full of both common and rare native species. Most of those species planted at NWS are grown on-site in our greenhouse and stock beds before being moved to permanent places. 



Coordinates: 42.054445, -72.263900

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