October 11, 2021

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The Meadow

Oceanside Conservation Trust of Casco Bay
Active since 2021
Maine, US

Log Description

The Meadow 2021, Easement, 11 Acres. A Conservation Easement has been donated by its new owner, Cliff Island Corporation for Athletics, Conservation and Education (ACE), to Oceanside Conservation Trust of Casco Bay (OCT). The Meadow’s eleven acres have a long and interesting history as a resource on Cliff, as well as providing serenity, beauty, passive recreation and ready access to beach and ocean. The site captures the dunes, grasses, and wetland along the right eastern ridge. It has a gradual slope to the ocean with a rocky outcrop directly in front of the site. Photos capture gradual erosion and sea level rise, storm surge, and the effects of the ocean on the wetland complex (such as saltwater intrusion and increased salinity).

About Oceanside Conservation Trust of Casco Bay

Oceanside Conservation Trust of Casco Bay facilitates the conservation of wild or undeveloped open space, scenic areas, and historic landmarks in the Casco Bay region; fosters low-impact and respectful access to these resources; and enhances the cultural, economic and civil well-being of residents and visitors. OCT is part of the Southern Maine Conservation Collaborative Climate Change Observatory (CCO) Network, a photo monitoring program designed to work with environmental organizations and communities to assist with the observation, measurement and documentation of long-term climate change trends. The program brings people with various perspectives and knowledge together to co-learn about climate change and adaptation.


Coordinates: 43.699444, -70.097167